666 Park Avenue Season 1 DVD Box Set


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  •    666 Park Avenue Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator:Gabriella Pierce

    Starring:  Rachael Taylor,Dave Annable,Robert Buckley,Mercedes Masohn,Erik Palladino,Helena Mattsson,Samantha Logan,Vanessa Williams,Terry O'Quinn


    Summary of    666 Park Avenue Season 1 DVD Box Set


    Jane tries to find out more about the Drake and uncovers the secrets behind the dragon mosaic that she found in the basement. Henry and Gavin go golfing, only to meet someone that Henry is working against in court, which makes Henry realize that he could get in serious trouble for talking to the man. Louise ends up in the hospital from the elevator accident that happened, while Brian is at home Alexis walks in on him after a shower, and they share a kiss. Jane continues to research about the Drake, and finds birds in the wall of one of the hotel rooms; After realizing that there are more birds than she could handle, she calls an exterminator, but the exterminator soon goes missing, and Jane eventually realizes that the birds are a part of the Drake.