Astro Boy Complete Series DVD Box Set


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  • Astro Boy

    Osamu Tezuka,Timothy Harris,David Bowers

    Director:   David Bowers
    Genre:   Animation | Family | Action | Sci-fi
    TV Series Release Date:   23 October 2009
    Studio:   Showtime Entertainment
    Aspect Ratio:   2.35 : 1    
    Sound Mix:   Dolby Digital
    Language:   English with removable subtitles
    Format:   Support both NTSC & PAL
    Boxed Set:   yes
    Discs   10 discs
    Weight:   1.0 kg
    Astro Boy Complete Series DVD Box Set
    Summary of Astro Boy
    In the future, the Metropolis of Metro City is suspended above the Earth using advanced technology. Situated through the city are numerous robots who do many of the chores and tasks for the human occupants. When a robot fails to have a use any longer, it is pitched over the side onto the cluttered landscape far below.
    One day, after acing another quiz, Toby Tenma is being driven home by his family's robot butler, Orrin. However, Orrin explains that Toby's father, Dr Tenma, has a meeting at the Ministry of Science. Wanting to see his Dad in action, Toby temporarily reprograms Orrin to take him there.
    Toby manages to sneak in, and comes across his Dad talking to President Stone, who has been working with Dr Tenma and Dr Elefun to create a Peacekeeping robot, the likes of which he hopes will help him be re-elected.....


    Astro Boy Complete Series DVD Box Set