Austin & Ally Season 2 DVD Box Set


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  • Austin & Ally Season 2 DVD Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert

    Leading Role: Ross Lynch,Laura Marano,Raini Rodriguez,Calum Worthy

    Summary of  Austin & Ally Season 2 DVD Box Set


    Austin and Ally are suspicious when Trish and Dez are hiding something from them. This leads them to believe that they are dating, when, in fact, Trish is dating Trent (Trevor Jackson). Trish decided to keep their relationship a secret to not influence Austin's decision when Trent auditioned for a role as Austin's backup dancer. After Ally mentions that she and Austin know that Dez is her secret boyfriend, Trish reveals that she is dating Trent. Later on, Ally finds out that Trent is cheating on Trish and only dated her to be a backup dancer in Austin's team, she decides whether to tell her or not. After getting advice from her mother, Penny (Julia Campbell), over video-chat, she decides to tell her. Trish confronts Trent and they break up, and then Austin fires him from the team, but Trent thinks that the reason he was fired is because Austin is jealous that he is the "better" dancer. Trent challenges Austin to a dance-off. In the end, Austin wins the dance-off and Trish gets a new boyfriend.