Ben and Kate Season 1 DVD Box Set


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  •     Ben and Kate Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator:  Dana Fox

    Leading Role: Dakota Johnson,Nat Faxon,Lucy Punch,Maggie Elizabeth Jones,Echo Kellum

    Summary of  Ben and Kate Season 1 DVD Box Set


    Kate's 26th birthday is coming up. She is incredibly upset that she never had a 21st birthday party because she had Maggie at that time, so Ben throws Kate a much belated 21st birthday party. Meanwhile, Kate reunites with an old friend, Molly, much to BJ's dismay. Plus, Ben finds out that Darcy has moved into her parent's house with her husband, a plan she and Ben had when they were dating.

    Ben creates a fake emergency situation to prove to Kate that it is okay to not be prepared for everything. Meanwhile, Ben's on-and-off girlfriend Louise (Lindsay Sloane), continually shows up unexpectedly. Elsewhere, Kate convinces BJ not to sleep with their boss Buddy (Rob Corddry), after going on a first date.