Bored to Death Season 2 DVD Boxset


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  • Bored to Death Season 2 DVD Boxset

    Language: English Boxed Set: Yes Discs: 4 pcs
    Release date: 2009 Condition: New Weight: 0.5kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL No. of Season: 2
    Genre: Comedy | Television Shows

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Jonathan Ames

    Leading Role: Jason Schwartzman,Zach Galifianakis,Ted Danson,Heather Burns

    Summary of Bored to Death Season 2 DVD Boxset


    Three months later, Jonathan of  Bored to Death season 2 on dvd is continuing his work as a private eye, after his second book has been rejected. He is also teaching writing classes. Leah breaks up with Ray after several failed attempts at finding common ground. Richard Antrem asks Jonathan to spy on Priscilla to see if she is having an affair. Unaware that George is the other man, Jonathan agrees. Richard later catches George with Priscilla and realizes that Jonathan had been covering for him. Ray attempts to win back Leah, although he goes about it in the wrong way and is unsuccessful. George is diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Stella breaks up with Jonathan, and shortly after Jonathan is kidnapped. George and Ray attempt and fail to rescue him whilst high on cannabis, but the kidnappers eventually release the group. Ray briefly dates Jennifer Gladwell. After one of Jonathan's clients suggests he writes about his cases, Jonathan begins writing to submit to The New Yorker. Ray's latest comic book character, Super Ray becomes a success, leading Kevin Bacon to approach Ray about portraying Super Ray in a film series, but Ray ultimately turns him down.

    George's column is cancelled at Edition, and he begins questioning his worth at the company. When George is admitted to hospital for his surgery, Jonathan discovers that his doctor has diagnosed the wrong patient with prostate cancer, leaving George cancer-free.

    George quits his job at Edition because his bosses in Dallas want the magazine to be more on the right wing, and an impending stint in drug rehab. Ray receives numerous emails and eventually discovers a Super Ray doll with the tip of a knife in it's shoulder, left for him by his stalker. Jonathan discovers the home of Ray's stalker but fails to catch him before the Comic-Con. Ray's stalker is revealed to be Irwin, the man he found sleeping with Leah, and Ray is stabbed with an X-Acto knife. Despite losing a substantial amount of blood Ray survives.

    Bored to Death dvd box set a show by lit geeks for lit geeks. This show made me love Ted Danson, he is so perfect for that character.


    Bored to Death Season 2 DVD Boxset     Bored to Death Season 2 DVD Boxset