Fraggle Rock DVD Box Set


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  • Fraggle Rock
    Leading Role:  

    Karen Prell, Gerard Parkes, Kathryn Mullen, Jerry Nelson, Steve Whitmire

    Director:   Jim Henson, Douglas Williams, George Bloomfield, Martin Lavut, Norman Campbell
    Genre:   Animation | Cartoons
    TV Series Release Date:   2005
    Studio:   Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment
    Aspect Ratio:   1.78 : 1
    Sound Mix:   Dolby Digital
    Language:   English with removable subtitles
    Format:   Support both NTSC & PAL
    Boxed Set:   yes
    Discs:   20 pcs
    Weight:   1.2 kg
    Summary of Fraggle Rock
    Fraggles and people live apart, but the order of things is shaken up when the series' central character, Gobo, can't talk his determined uncle, Traveling Matt, from being the first of his kind to explore the great unknown. Matt leaves Fraggle Rock with a promise to get word to Gobo about how things are going. Thereafter, Gobo has to find a way, from time to time, to fetch postcards from Doc's trash can (Doc can't figure out why missives from someone named Uncle Matt keep turning up in his mailbox) by dashing into the tinkerer's warm workshop, avoiding not only Doc's eyes but the suspicions of his wonderful dog, Sprocket. (Doc mutters occasionally about boarding up a hole in the wall that serves as Gobo's door. When he finally does so, mid-season, it poses a crisis for Gobo, who is caught on the wrong side.) While Traveling Matt sees what people are like...

    Fraggle Rock DVD Box Set