Lost Girl Season 3 DVD Box Set


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  • Lost Girl Season 3 DVD Box Set 

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: M.A. Lovretta

    Leading Role: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried and Ksenia Solo

    Summary of Lost Girl Season 3 DVD Box Set 


    Trick gives Bo a vial of life essence to use in the event she feels herself slipping towards the dark side. He is kidnapped by the Garuda; it is revealed that Trick's wife tried to broker a peace during the Great Fae War, but was murdered. To save his own life, Trick wrote the Fae Laws. Lauren gives Bo the venom she has saved and Bo reveals her plan to enslave her friends with her blood in order to overpower the Garuda. The Garuda enters Trick's body; Bo uses the venom to kill the Garuda and Trick. Bo begins to slip into darkness, but uses the vial of life essence to revive Trick. Kenzi unbinds everyone from Bo to stop her from growing too strong. Despite the chance to be free from the Ash, Lauren decides to stay with Bo. Bo remains uncertain about the effects of the dark that is growing within her.