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Ancient Aliens Season 10 DVD


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  • Ancient Aliens Season 10 DVDSpecial Features

    Actors: Kevin Burns
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes
    Number of discs: 3
    Condition: New
    Region: Region Free
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)
    DVD Release Date: 2016

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    Ancient Aliens Season 10 DVD

    Ancient Aliens Season 10 DVD Overview

    Also discussed are tales of gods interacting with humans, imparting wisdom and technology and impregnating women to create demigods,Ancient Aliens Season 10 DVDwho are supposedly the offspring of human/alien unions.This episode looks at legends about powerful gods and fearsome monsters that are said to share similarities even though these legends are found in different cultures separated by vast distances; this episode also suggests that these legends may be eyewitness accounts of alien visitations.This episode suggests that various underwater structures and ruins said to have been found around the globe may have been used by extraterrestrials,Ancient Aliens Season 10such as the temple ruins found under Lake Titicaca in Peru, the geometric structures of Yonaguni off the coast of Japan, and ancient Indian texts that allegedly describe other sunken cities yet to be discovered.