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A.N.T. Farm Season 2 DVD Box Set


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  • A.N.T. Farm Season 2  DVD Box Set


    Language: English Boxed Set: Yes Discs: 0 pcs
    Release date: 2012 Condition: New Weight: 0 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL No. of Season:  2
    Genre: Action/Adventure | Comedy |

    Cast and Crew

    Leading Role: Sierra McCormick,Jake Short,China Anne McClain,Stefanie Scott,Carlon Jeffery,Christian Campos,Alexandria Deberry

    Summary of A.N.T. Farm Season 2  DVD Box Set

    A teen movie sensation Sequoia Jones who is playing the role of a tween musical prodigy and follows Chyna around to study for her role. But then, Chyna learns Sequoia is trying to steal her life.

    A baby named Sebastian, thought to be a prodigy, is left in the care of the A.N.T.s and Chyna, Olive, Violet, and Fletcher try to uncover the baby's prodigal aptitude. They try art, music, karate, etc. Skidmore entrusts them to find its talent. But actually this was a trick Skidmore played on the ANTs.

    The ANTs are in charge of arrangements for the school dance. Fletcher and Chyna go together so Fletcher doesn't have to go with Violet. Meanwhile Chyna and Olive pretend Fletcher's dead to raise money for the dance by selling his paintings, but try to hide Fletcher when the person who bought them shows up at the dance. Cameron looks for a date to the dance, and finds a girl who apparently likes him, too, but it turns out she was imaginary, as Cameron hallucinated her because he couldn't face the fact that no one would go to the dance with him.

    Chyna helps Cameron track down the model who he imagined was his girlfriend. Chyna, disguised as a model agent, gets Vanessa to blind date Cameron. Vanessa wants to go on a picnic in a hot air balloon. Lexi gets a new job at Hippo's new restaurant, and trying to make Lexi miserable at her job, Olive changes the theme of the restaurant to make her life a wreck, but it backfires every time.

    Principal Skidmore shuts off the school's Internet access so the ANTs start the ANTernet. Meanwhile, Lexi begins to get jealous of Vanessa when she is selected to model for Hippo's restaurant.

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