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Banshee Season 4 DVD


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  • Banshee Season 4 DVDSpecial Features

    Actors: Various
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes
    Number of discs: 3
    Condition: New
    Region: Region Free
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)
    DVD Release Date: 2016

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    Banshee Season 4 DVD

    Banshee Season 4 DVD Overview

    Anastasia and Hood recon an underground tunnel that leads to Camp Genoa while the colonel brutally beats one of his own men for tipping the Redbones about the gun shipment.The colonel of Camp Genoa appears at Anastasia's new workplace and gives her cunnilingus. A former neo-nazi named Kurt Bunker appears at the Cadi, wanting to sign up as a new deputy. Hood takes a liking to him, but as Billy Raven has been hired, can't offer the job.Proctor and Rebecca meet with rival drug dealers,Banshee Season 4 DVDand as Rebecca grows more agitated during the encounter, she draws her gun and shoots one in the knees. Proctor and Burton dispatch of the others,Banshee Season 4 DVDleaving Rebecca to finish the job. Proctor hears that his mother is dying of cancer, and takes her in to his manor. Anastasia breaks off her relationship with the colonel upon learning who he is. Gordon cleans up his act, shaving his beard and cleaning his apartment.