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Body of Proof Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set


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  • Body of Proof Seasons 1-2 Dvd Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Christopher Murphey

    Leading Role: Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan,Nicholas Bishop,Sonja Sohn and John Carroll Lynch

    Summary of Body of Proof Seasons 1-2 Dvd Box Set

    season 1

    When a severed hand and foot turn up in a back alley, Megan and her team must literally piece the case together. Meanwhile, Megan's daughter, Lacey, gets her mother's reluctant permission to visit her at the office and film her as part of a video essay for Social Studies class. What Lacey learns in the process profoundly changes her view of her mother.

    Karen Archer is the identical twin of a beautiful corpse, Jessica, whose mysterious death keeps Ethan and Curtis guessing. As Ethan's personal interest in this case deepens, Curtis begins questioning Ethan's motives. Meanwhile, Megan faces old demons when she visits her former boss at the hospital where she used to practice. A patient has died after recent surgery. Was it murder or malpractice? Megan begins to suspect the victim's doctor, but when she starts ruffling feathers, the hospital stonewalls.

    season 2

    A horse-riding champion is found dead in the woods, and her convict/workmate is a suspect in the ensuing murder case, as is the stable owner. Megan is starting to patch things up with Lacey. Lacey, also a rider, provides a valuable tip in the case. But Megan is about to find out the body is the proof, and they all have something to say.

    When a pharmaceutical rep is murdered, with the body drained of blood, Megan and the team must find the original crime scene if they hope to find out the cause of death. A big hurdle to overcome is the number of suspects with access to lots of unknown drugs.

    Body of Proof Seasons 1-2 Dvd Box Set    Body of Proof Seasons 1-2 Dvd Box Set