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Borgen Season 2 DVD Boxset


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  •   Borgen Season 2 DVD Boxset

    Cast and Crew

    Creator:  Adam Price

    Leading Role: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Pilou Asbæk, Mikael Birkkjær, Søren Malling

    Summary of  Borgen Season 2 DVD Box Set

          Borgen is a Danish one-hour political drama television series. It tells the story of a charismatic politician, Birgitte Nyborg, who unexpectedly becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. "Borgen"is the nickname of Christiansborg Palace, which houses all three of Denmark's branches of government: the Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court.

    With Danish elections to begin soon, Birgitte Nyborg, leader of the Moderate Party is interviewed by Katrine Fønsmark, a journalist for the broadcaster TV1. Both women are unknowingly connected by Nyborg's media advisor, Kasper Juul, who is also Katrine's ex-boyfriend. Katrine has been having an affair with Ole Dahl, the communications chief for Prime Minister Lars Hesselboe. When Dahl dies of a heart attack whilst in bed with Katrine, she panics and contacts Kasper for help. While removing evidence from Dahl's flat, Kasper comes across sales receipts showing that Hesselboe has made expensive personal purchases using his official credit card. He offers these to Nyborg as a possible bargaining chip for use in the upcoming general election. When Nyborg declines, Kasper gives it to opposition leader Michael Laugesen. After Laugesen reveals the information in a television debate, Nyborg deduces the source and fires Kasper.

    Eleven months after her separation from Phillip, Nyborg visits troops in Afghanistan and promises an imminent withdrawal of Danish troops from the region. However, a coordinated attack by the Taliban results in the worst single-day casualties in the history of the Danish military. With Laugesen and Hesselboe blaming her for the casualties, Nyborg consults on-the-ground commanders and military leaders before deciding – despite her election commitment to withdrawal and her own personal feelings – to keep Danish troops in Afghanistan for a while longer. This causes tensions within the coalition government, especially with regards to the Green Party.

    Borgen Season 2 Borgen Season 2