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Flashpoint Season 5 DVD Box Set


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  • Flashpoint Season 5 DVD Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern

    Leading Role: Amy Jo Johnson, Hugh Dillon,David Paetkau,Sergio Di Zio,Enrico Colantoni,Michael Cram and Tattiawna Jones

    Summary of Flashpoint Season 5 DVD Box Set


    A car bombing goes off at a children's party, killing a married couple. As Team One discovers, all the fathers are members of the Brigadiers biker gang, the leader having been killed in the explosion. At first it seemed like an attack from a rival gang, but as they later find out, it is in fact a coup being pulled off by a few of its members. Worse yet, an undercover informant, who was the best friend of the leading detective's deceased son, is exposed and Team One is in a race against time to prevent the coup and save his life.