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Leverage Season 4 Dvd Box Set


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  • Leverage Season 4 Dvd Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: John Rogers, Chris Downey

    Leading Role: Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman,Beth Riesgraf,Aldis Hodge and Christian Kane

    Summary of Leverage Season 4 Dvd Box Set

    Season 4

    The team pursues a lost Van Gogh masterpiece, and reenacts a star-crossed love affair between the only two people who know its whereabouts.

    The team attempts to steal a revolutionary new computer chip from a family household, but in the middle of their efforts, the child of the target's family is kidnapped during a chaotic carnival. Elliot must face an old adversary named Roper to get the child back.

    A sickly defense contractor steals a heart, which had been donated to an ailing 15-year-old. To prevent the heart from flying out, the team has to steal an airport in less than two hours without any equipment.

    Leverage Season 4 Dvd Box Set   Leverage Season 4 Dvd Box Set