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Samurai Jack Season 6 DVD


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  • Samurai Jack Season 6 DVD Special Features
    Actors: Phil LaMarr,Mako Iwamatsu
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes
    Number of discs: 4
    Condition: New
    Region: Region Free
    Weight: 0.3 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)
    DVD Release Date: 2019
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    Samurai Jack Season 6 DVD

    Samurai Jack Season 6 DVD Overview

    Jack is goaded into a duel by an arrogant, bullying samurai, and is given the chance to demonstrate the true ways of the warrior. When Aku catches a cold and spreads it to Jack,Samurai Jack Season 6 DVD Jack is accidentally infected with Akus evil. Jack desperately seeks out a cure before Akus essence transforms him into the monstrosity himself. Five of the worlds greatest bounty hunters gather to compete for the chance to kill Jack. A sixth hunter,Samurai Jack Season 6 revealed to be the princess of a fallen kingdom, persuades the group to work together instead.