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The Glades Seasons 1-2 DVD Box Set


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  • The Glades Season 1-2 DVD Box Set


    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Clifton Campbell

    Leading Role: Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gómez, Jordan Wall, Alexis Martinez, Michelle Hurd, Uriah Shelton

    Summary of The Glades Season 1-2 DVD Box Set

     Season 1

    After being exiled to Palm Glade, Florida, for supposedly sleeping with his captain's wife, ex-Chicago cop Jim Longworth handles his first case with the state police. He investigates the case of a headless woman who was found in a lake, even going as far as to pester his golf partner Carlos, the medical examiner on the case, while also developing a relationship with his nurse, Callie.

    While Longworth spends more time with Callie's son, he finds an abandoned airplane with a dead body inside.

    Longworth gets caught up in a murder investigation that appears to be a spree killing just as a hurricane hits Palm Glade.

    The corpse of a businessman emerges from the muck in a sugar cane field days before the big football game.

    Longworth gets a nightmarish call that Carlos has been found dead lying on a bed of fishes, but it turns out that it wasn't Carlos, just a man who had stolen his identity. Meanwhile, Callie deals with some tax problems.

    A ruthless divorce attorney is murdered. Meanwhile Callie's son, Jeff claims to have seen a man standing at his window, but Callie believes he's imagining it. Believing Jeff is telling the truth, Jim has the boy look at mugshots on the computer, through which Jeff finds out the truth about his father's criminal past and confronts his mom.

    Jim Longworth's latest case sends him to the famed Native American-owned Blues Rock Casino, a high-end gambling establishment filled with millions of dollars of rock 'n' roll memorabilia. When the head of the casino, a tribal elder, crashes through a skylight and lands on a roulette table, Longworth must figure out who is behind her mysterious death. Was it suicide or foul play? Jim's first hurdle is getting the smart and sexy Josie Tigertail, a tribal police officer, to allow the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to run point on the investigation. Meanwhile, Callie convinces herself she just wants to be friends with Longworth, but then is surprised when feelings of jealousy overtake her upon seeing Longworth interact with Josie.

    Season 2

    The daughter of a Cuban mobster is murdered, and Jim must solve the case while preventing a war between rival mob families. Callie prepares for Ray's release from jail, and tells Jim she wants to be with him, yet promises Ray to hold off on a divorce for three months. Manus warns Jim a complaint has been filed regarding his relationship with Callie, and advises Jim to allow the family to solve their problems.

    Jim hunts a serial killer from Chicago with the help of detective Samantha Harper, who Callie learns is his former lover. Manus offers Callie a job with the FDLE as a forensic nurse.

    An incident at a slumber party and a missing baby are the concerns of the day. Callie joins the FDLE as a forensic nurse.

    The body of a mechanic leads to an investigation involving NASCAR; when Ray is attacked in front of Jeff, Callie considers witness protection.

    A dead man in a bathroom stall leads to a posh rehab facility. Carlos balances work, play and family. Callie and Jeff carry on with Ray gone.

    A town of circus sideshow performers becomes a town of suspects in a murder. Callie and Jim come to terms on what their relationship means. Sam considers taking a job with the FDLE.

    The Glades Season 2 DVD Box Set    The Glades Season 2 DVD Box Set