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The Newsroom Season 4 DVD


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  • The Newsroom Season 4 DVD Special Features

    Name: The Newsroom
    Genre: Drama
    No. of Season: 4
    Discs: 4 pcs
    Series creator: Greg Mottola
    Starring: Ken Finkleman, Peter Keleghan, Jeremy Hotz, Karen Hines
    Release Date: 2015
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
    Condition: New Box Set
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

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    The Newsroom Season 4 DVD Overview

    Preparing to air the Kundu story, the team gets the first reporter who wrote the story, along with his family, out of the country safely. Mac has a meeting with Lily in Washington to ask her to extend the deadline to broadcast the story before she leaks it,The Newsroom Season 4 DVD but she does not promise to. The story is ready to air but Reese says they cannot run it. Pruit tells the team his new vision for the company, including user-generated content, which Charlie does not like. Sloan and Don keep dodging the human resources rep, however he already knows they are dating.