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Wild Boys Season 1 DVD Box Set


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  • Wild Boys Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Cast and Crew

    Creator: Julie McGauran, Sarah Smith

    Leading Role: Daniel MacPherson,Michael Dorman,Alexander England,Zoe Ventoura,Anna Hutchison,Jeremy Sims,Nathaniel Dean

    Summary of Wild Boys Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Wild Boys is a story about bushrangers, power and government corruption, set against the backdr op of an 1860s penal system. The wild colonial boys Jack, Dan, Conrad and Captain Gunpowder are determined to keep ahead of the troopers or wind up at the end of a noose.

    The Pilot episode establishes the character of Jack Keenan (Daniel MacPherson) and his friend Dan Sinclair (Michael Dorman). They manage to be quite successful in their robberies and target those travelling by horse and cart as they usually carry with them a large amount of valuables. One such robbery attempt proves to be unsuccessful and another bushranger (who is usually at heads with the morals of Jack and Dan) assists them but lets his identity slip and is later hunted down by the police and killed.

    It is also revealed that the man they targeted on this robbery is the new Police Superintendent Francis Fuller (Jeremy Sims) and he wants to kill Jack and Dan at any cost. Jack returns back to Town and stays at the Inn owned and run by a fierce business woman Mary Barrett (Zoe Ventoura) and it is revealed that they are in a relationship. Mary however is angry at Jack as it revealed that he hasn't been back for about three months and hasn't had any contact with her leaving her worried. In the mean time, Francis is frantically looking for Jack and Dan. Mary finding out that Francis is heading towards the Inn helps them escape. However Francis managed to ambush Jack and Dan on another robbery attempt and they are captured.

    On the way to their trial at court Francis decided he will instead kill Jack, Dan and an innocent stable hand Conrad Fischer (Alex England) who is arrested under the pretence that he stole a horse. He wishes to eliminate Conrad as he uncovers that Emelia Fife (Anna Hutchison), the Mayor's daughter has feelings for Conrad and Francis too likes her. When the three men realise that they are about to be killed, they escape from the cart, hijack the horses and run off. In order to pay for new arms and guns to survive they decide to return back to town and rob the police station itself after realising that the police officer's pay is stored there and will only be distributed the following morning.

    Conrad refuses to help them claiming that he is not a bushranger and will not take part in criminal activities but when he sees that they are in trouble he creates a diversion and saves them. Hence the boys decide to give him a part of their earnings and he decides to go try his luck with the Gold Rush and heads off away from town as it is now unsafe to return. Emelia is informed by Francis that Conrad has been killed and she is distraught and knows that Francis accused him due to his anger that she rejected him. However Conrad later visits her before departure and they both admit their feelings for each other and Conrad tells her that he will return for her and will try and strike it rich at the gold mines.

    Dan too decides to take a break for a few days and meet up later with Jack. Jack heads off to a another family house who offer him a place to stay and a warm meal however later that night he hears screaming only to see the head of the family killed and as he walks out to take a look he is shot and knocked out by a masked figure.

    Wild Boys Season 1 DVD Box Set    Wild Boys Season 1 DVD Box Set